Owner's Manual

Having trouble figuring out how to set the time, the date, or how to use other functions? Below, you'll find the owner's manual for our watches.


Field Officer - Ronda Powertech Cal. 515 - Owner's Manual (PDF)

California - Ronda Powertech Cal. 6004.B - Owner's Manual (PDF)

GMT - Ronda Powertech Cal. 515.24H - Owner's Manual (PDF)

Skyfighter - Ronda Startech Cal. 5021.D - Owner's Manual (PDF)

Brigadier - Seiko NH35 - Owner's Manual (PDF)

Silverstone - Seiko VK64 - Owner's Manual (PDF)

Hornet - Miyota 1L45 - Owner's Manual (PDF)

Chrono - Miyota 6S21 - Owner's Manual (PDF)

TCD-01 GMT - Ronda Powertech Cal. 515.24D - Owner's Manual (PDF)

TCD-01 Full Lume - Ronda Powertech Cal. 519 - Owner's Manual (PDF)

Bomber Quartz - Miyota 1L45 - Owner's Manual (PDF)

Bomber Automatic - Miyota 82S5 - Owner's Manual (PDF)

Vigilante Quartz - Miyota FS16 - Owner's Manual (PDF)

Vigilante Automatic - Miyota 8219 - Owner's Manual (PDF)

Superfast - Miyota 6S21 - Owner's Manual (PDF)


Here are a couple of tutorials which may come in handy:

How to adjust a deployant clasp (External Link)

How to size a bracelet (External Link)

How to change a bracelet / strap (External Link)


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