Watch Buying Guide

Whether you are new to the world of watches or you are building a collection, there are some essential criteria to consider when making a purchase. This affordable watch buying guide will take you in the right direction so you can purchase a watch with confidence.

While there are hundreds of brands and countless watch styles, there are some factors you should consider no matter what brand or style you purchase.

There are watches for every occasion and taste. Dress watches are perfect for formal occasions while sports watches are ideal for everyday use. When shopping, make sure you know how you want to wear the watch and for what occasions.

Before taking the initiative to purchase a watch, careful research is necessary. An entry-level luxury watch is going to cost around $300 to $500. Being able to make a sound purchase will help to ensure you do not waste your hard-earned money.


8 Things to Look For When Buying a Watch

If you are in the market to purchase a new watch, it is not necessary to spend a fortune. There are affordable options that offer the same luxurious details without the high price tag. The following are essential for any watch you purchase.


1. Solid metal construction

For durability, you should always look for a solid metal construction. The alloy of choice here is 316L Stainless Steel. Carefully inspect the watch to ensure there are no signs of folded metal or hollow pieces. If the links and components do not seem solid, this is not the right watch to purchase. There should be no other materials in the components of the watch case or bracelet. Cheap manufacturers will sometimes use plastic parts. Plastic is too weak for a watch to remain durable for many years.


2. Sapphire crystal

The crystal is the clear cover that protects the watch face. While cheap watches use plastic, luxury watch manufacturers will choose Sapphire. Sapphire crystals are the crystal of choice because they are highly scratch-resistant. The thicker the crystal, the better the protection against shattering from blunt force. Some manufacturers use a double domed sapphire crystal. This helps control reflections.


3. Japanese or Swiss movement

Japanese and Swiss movement are the two best movement mechanisms for any luxury watch. Companies like Miyota, Seiko, or Ronda have been producing watch movements for over forty years and they are fully vested in the craft. These movements require virtually no maintenance and their reliability is supreme.


4. Reputable watchmaker

Everyone knows you can pick up a cheap watch at just about any department store. Many people purchase watches for fashion, but the true watch connoisseur knows a watch means much more than an arm decoration. Choosing a watch that has been designed by a true watchmaker will ensure you do not regret your purchase. When watchmakers design watches, attention goes into every single detail. Every detail of the watch is important and you should not overlook any when deciding.


5. Weight

Have you ever felt the difference between a luxury watch and a cheap knockoff? Cheap watches feel light in the palm of the hand. A luxury watch is going to be much heavier. You will be able to feel the weightiness of it when it is in your hands or on your wrist. While some metals, like titanium, are lighter, steel is a more affordable option. It does not take long to feel the difference in a cheap watch versus the ultimate in quality.


6. Locking clasp

When purchasing a bracelet watch, a locking mechanism becomes vital. A less expensive watch may only offer a single lock on the clasp. This type of lock does not offer enough security. If the locking mechanism comes undone, the watch can slip off and become catastrophically damaged. When searching for a luxury watch, choose a double lock. After investing in a luxury watch, you certainly do not want it unsecured.


7. Check the signature

Good watchmakers are proud of their craft and they want everyone to know they are the maker. You will usually be able to find the signature on four areas – the dial, the crown, the caseback, and clasp or buckle. A cheap watch is likely going to be plain with no signature. While the signature may not seem like such a big deal, it can distinguish high-end from cheap.


8. Limited edition

With so many brands of watches, it can be overwhelming to decide on one. When in doubt, it is wise to purchase limited edition small-batch production watches. Because it is so rare, a limited edition watch will retain its value or even gain in value over time. Make sure to keep the original box, papers, and certificate of authenticity. If you decide to sell your watch down the line, a watch collector will give more value to your watch if it has all the original documents and packaging.



Purchasing a new luxury watch is not overly stressful if you know what to look for. Allow this affordable watch buying guide to help you with your purchase. Make sure to take every detail into account and thoroughly inspect every watch before you buy.

A true luxury watch will look different, feel different, and perform differently than cheap-knock offs and fashion watches. Never purchase a watch just because you like the way it looks. Get to know the watchmaker and study their work. Find out all you can before jumping into a purchase.

The craftsmanship of the watch is essential for the finished product. Every detail must be carefully put in place to create a luxury watch that will provide a lifetime of dependability. Choosing a watchmaker who knows what makes a true luxury watch will ensure you get the quality and design you expect.



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